Mark Simpson

Mark graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 1983. Fresh from his studies Mark started working at Auckland Veterinary Services. Since then Mark has bought into the practice, initially as a partner, and he is now the sole owner of AVS.

Mark lives in Mt Albert with his wife Janette. They have two adult children and two grandchildren. The four legged family members are Max the Maltese Terrier cross and Rocky the Jack Russell Terrier.

Outside of work Mark enjoys most sports, but has a passion for cycling, both road and mountain biking.

At work Mark enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine and surgery. Mark also spends a lot of time on clinic management work.

Mark’s best pet tip: Prevent a litter, desex your critter.

Nicole Perrott

Nicole started at Auckland Veterinary Services in 1998 after obtaining her certificate in veterinary nursing at Unitec. She lives close to the clinic in Te Atatu which is handy for the trip to and from work.

Nicole is passionate about her choice of career and enjoys working with the animals. She says there are good times and bad times like all jobs and as time goes on she has known a lot of patients from their young days and watched them as they age.

Nicole and her partner Brent have two children Brianna, and Curtis. They both love to visit Nicole at work and see who is boarding in the cattery.

Pets at home are Carli the Australian Terrier Cross, and cats Marmite and Liquorice who were both abandoned kittens coming through the clinic.

Outside of work Nicole's family all enjoy the outdoors. She likes to do some running and has completed a couple of half marathons (which she says is most likely her limit)

Nicole’s best pet tip: Feed cats away from the kitchen to avoid tripping over them at meal time. When walking the dog use a gentle leader as it makes the walk more pleasurable and doesn't pull on your arm.

Andrea Martin

Andrea started working at Auckland Veterinary Services in March 2004, she qualified for the Certificate in Veterinary Nursing in 2000, and has worked in a few other practices before settling at AVS. 

Andrea lives with husband Keith and their 3 boys, Marshall, Fletcher and Cameron. The rest of the immediate family include Rusty the independent Tortoiseshell cat.

There have been a few foster pets over the years also which included kittens, dogs, a baby hedgehog and several ducklings.

Andrea is a great veterinary nurse who is especially compassionate when animals are in pain or neglected. Andrea also looks after the weight management clinic, which helps clients achieve a healthy weight for their pets.

Her hobbies outside of work include Jump fit, crafts and reading in the sun before having a nice afternoon nap.

Andrea’s best pet tip: For a bit of environmental enrichment for dogs throw a handful of doggy biscuits over the lawn so they have to forage for their food.

Georgina Rennie

Georgina began working at AVS in May 2005. Georgina studied at Unitec for her Certificate in Veterinary nursing before heading off to the UK at the beginning 1998 to get more work experience. She moved back to New Zealand in 2004.

Georgina and her husband John have 3 children, Julia, Darla and Zane. Among the household of little feet there is Rascal, the Griffon Bruxellois and Moose, the Havana Oriental.

Georgina spends a lot of time poolside watching her kids play Water Polo or relaxing with a cuppa and a good book.

At work Georgina enjoys meeting and talking to all our clients and helping them wherever she can.

Georgina’s Best Pet Tip: Train your cats to stay inside at night, less neighbourhood cat fights and road accidents due to poor visibility.

Caroline Magee

Caroline started working at Auckland Veterinary Services in March 2009. She has had a lot of experience in reception work and is enjoying being part of such an interesting industry.

Caroline lives a hop skip and a jump away from the clinic in Avondale and has three adult children, Jack, George and Caitlin.

The furry member of the family is Midnight the cat.

Caroline is great at managing a very busy veterinary reception and having lots of things on the go at once. You will see Caroline here in the afternoon/evenings.

Caroline’s best pet tip: Mice mostly prefer one area to pee in so to reduce odour from mouse cages, you can provide them with a ‘litter tray’ in that favourite area and change it once or twice daily.

Debbie Goulding

Debbie came to Auckland Veterinary Services in 2005 as a student veterinary nurse for work experience. After Debbie finished her diploma in Veterinary Nursing she started working part time at AVS. You will see Debbie at the clinic on Wednesday mornings.

Debbie lives with her partner in West Auckland and is mum to several cats.

At work Debbie enjoys all aspects of veterinary nursing but also loves to treat the cats in the cattery to a bit of TLC with lots of loves and cuddles, which is always nice to have when they are away from home.

Debbie’s best pet tip: Cat Scratch pads are great, particularly catnip ones. Catnip plants are also fun. They are called ‘catmint’ plants at Garden centres. Cats love to rub against them so they often don’t last. If they are left to grow they have a pretty purple flower.

Caroline Holdron

Caroline completed the NZCAT (VNA) at Unitec and started working at Auckland Veterinary Services in February 2018 after being a client for 11 years.  She is loving her second career so far.  

Caroline lives on the edge of the Waitakere Ranges and her favourite thing to do is beach walks with her daughter.  She is passionate about educating pet owners, allowing them to make informed choices to improve the health, welfare and wellbeing of their animals.

Carolines’s best pet tip: Keeping your pet at a healthy weight can add two years to their lifespan, not to mention improving the quality of their life.  Ask staff for correct feeding guides and nutritional advice.  Dog owners must commit to exercising them every day to promote better health, optimum weight and prevention of behavioural problems.