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Tribute to Toby

4143 Great North Road, Glen Eden, Auckland.
Ph. 09 818 5697

Tribute to Toby
AVS Clinic Cat 1998-2012
"Toby's Last Talk"


Unwanted Kittens my two sisters and me
Nobody loved us, orphans us three
Along came some people who took just the girls
And left me alone in this big crazy world

Nobody wanted me, how could that be?
But then I was adopted by a nice family
But my toiletting habits weren't quite the best
Alas my new owners were less than impressed

So back to AVS I went....

Again, there I sat in my cage all alone
It seemed like I had nowhere of my own
But the nurses soon fell for my young feline charm
And it wasn't too long till AVS became home

I'd sit in reception and greet everyone
On Mondays I'd wait for my flowers to come
The ladies delivered them every week before 1
The flowers were ok, but the ribbon was fun!

I welcomed all creatures, the great and the small
I loved the big puppies, I played with them all
I welcomed the cats that came for the night
I taught them some manners, to be good, not to fight

I trained all the nurses and I did what I pleased
They would give me lots of cuddles and tend all my needs
But sometimes when things did not quite go my way
They'd say they were busy, so I'd make them pay

I'd pee in the corner and climb up the walls
Scratch at the furniture and race up the hall
But the best plan of all was to open the food
That got them going, got them going real good!

I quite liked the dog food, the biggest I could find
"Not another 15kg bag Toby" they would sigh
And when I got thirsty I'd sit in the sink
They'd turn on the tap and I'd have a drink

You can see who was boss, it's a matter of fact
It was me - Toby

It's with love that you do
Not the words that are said
Memories we share, all all we have in the end

So as each, in your own special way say goodbye
Some of you smile, some of you cry
I feel the warmth of your hearts, as your hands stroke my head
For this final time, you put me to bed




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